ARTICLE: The Best Restaurant Openings of 2016 (So Far)

Work with The Copy Merchant has been keeping me very busy recently, but I've been finding time to continue contributing to Broadsheet Brisbane, which has been such a welcome addition to the local media landscape. It's been exciting chatting to so many people who have long followed the Sydney and Melbourne publications, and who are now so proud to have a localised Brisbane edition. 

Most recently I did a round-up of the most exciting restaurants to open their doors this year. Pictured above is Otto Brisbane, which has been exported here from Sydney by the Fink Group. The opening of restaurants of this calibre signals a positive shift in the Brisbane dining scene, which is great to see after a troubled couple of years for local restaurants. 

Photography by Nikki To // June, 2016

NEWS: Broadsheet Launches in Brisbane

After months of whispers about its launch, Broadsheet has finally hit publish on its Brisbane site. Broadsheet has long been one of my favourite digital publications and a go-to trip planner for weekends in Melbourne. But Melbourne isn't the only happening place in Australia right now and the site's expansion to Brisbane shows just how far our fair city has come.

Ahead of the launch, I wrote about some of my favourite Brisbane haunts, including Nodo Donuts, Calexico and The Tree House. Once all of the cyber bugs have been dealt with, the full site will be launched. 

Photography by Anwyn Howarth // March, 2016

Interview: Mariage Frères

Whenever I am lucky enough to venture to Paris, Mariage Frères in Le Marais is always my first port of call. It's also now a requisite stop for friends and family during their travels, who happily indulge my request for little black canisters of foreign teas.

For the sixth edition of Alquimie magazine, I spoke with the president of the French tea house, Kitti Cha Sagmanee. Sagmanee was born in Thailand and moved to Paris to study in the hope of one day becoming an international diplomat. But at the same time as he was pursuing his education, the final descendant of the Mariage family was looking for her successor to take on the family business, which dates back to 1854. Sagmanee, following a chance encounter with this woman, instantly traded diplomacy for tea leaves and fine China. In this story, Sagmanee discusses the French art of taking tea and why the beverage is slowly winding its way into the French consciousness. 

January, 2016

News: Frock Paper Scissors


Frock Paper Scissors by Melinda Halloran

This year I was thrilled to be involved in the production of Frock Paper Scissors. The Brisbane-based fashion magazine is produced annually by a bunch of QUT's brightest fashion and creative industries students. I pitched in as the tutor of the subject and I was amazed to watch the students step up and assume responsibility for every aspect of the magazine's production. The final result is a wonderful ode to a moment in Queensland fashion. Find the new issues around Brisbane in boutiques, theatres, cafes and hairdressers. 

December, 2015

NewS: LittleWren


A new independent magazine for teenage girls has hit newsstands across Australia. Conceived by two writers from Brisbane, littleWren is an absolute delight to read, even if you're no longer riddled with teenage angst. For the very first issue, I was lucky enough to interview 14-year-old Euginia, who was born in a refugee camp in Africa and is now living with her mother and sister in the suburbs of Brisbane. She's got big dreams and a big personality to match.

This magazine – which is full of wit, laughs and inspiring stories – is a welcome departure from the glossy magazines most teenage girls are exposed to. Head to your local newsagency to grab one for the young lass in your life. 

November, 2015

Interview: Irene Falcon


For the latest issue of Peppermint magazine, I interviewed Irene Falcon of natural beauty store Nourished Life. Brimming with energy, Irene was an absolute delight to speak with and our conversation left me buzzing. Irene's story begins in a corporate marketing department where, after work, she would absorb herself in beauty research. After educating herself about natural beauty and seeing the positive effects the products had on her overall wellbeing, she started blogging about her findings and experiences. Quickly, Irene amassed a following of readers who still support her and tune in for regular updates from Nourished Life, which is now a blog as well as online store with more than 1,200 products.

Irene's story appears in the Winter 2015 edition, which has a theme of kindness woven into its pages. It's an issue bursting with good vibes that are sure to warm your heart on a cold winter eve.  

June, 2015