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Here are some samples of my published editorial work. Boil the kettle and then settle in to learn the stories of some pretty inspiring folks!


There’s a difference between acknowledging that life is a precious gift and making a conscious effort to relish each moment. Through the warm timbre of his voice and generous laughter that fills a room, filmmaker Richard Curtis emerges in conversation as a man who has as much love for living as his romantic leads do for one another. The maestro of romantic comedy started out as a writer, but his passion led him to also take up directing when he made Love Actually. After finishing his latest film, About Time, through which he hopes to share his message to slow down and enjoy life, Richard is heeding his own advice and plans to step away from directing to focus on his family and writing ... Continue Reading


There are some urban legends that send a chill racing down the spine at the mere thought of them. And then there are those that seem almost magical – the stories you hope can be proven true. Sitting somewhere in the middle of this spectrum of urban legends is Berndnaut Smilde’s Nimbus photographic series ... Continue Reading


There are many dreams that go unfulfilled, floating about like balloons waiting for someone to tie a string to them and take them home. For a young boy growing up in China’s Cultural Revolution, a dream of becoming an artist could have easily drifted away, but Cai Guo-Qiang has always allowed his ideas to exist on a grand scale. He eventually left China to pursue a career as an artist, and has since created a body of conceptual work characterised not only by its lavish proportions, but also deep philosophical ruminations ... Continue Reading


The fabric of a city – the pavements we stroll on each day and the buildings we inhabit – forms an integral part of our relationship with the place we live in, and how we identify with it and even ourselves. After working on a number of public buildings, including the James St Market and the upcoming refurbishment of Brisbane Airport’s International Terminal, architect Ingrid Richards doesn’t take her responsibility as an architect lightly. Driven to continually build upon her body of work, alongside her partner Adrian Spence, Ingrid is passionate about building a city that Brisbane’s denizens can be proud of ... Continue Reading


Art has long propelled society forward by questioning the things that make it tick. Characterised by his curiosity for the world as it exists around him, artist Simon Starling approaches his work as an investigation into the connections between things. One of the most prominent examples of his practice is his 2005 Turner Prize-winning work Shedboatshed, for which Simon transformed a shed on the Rhine into a boat, sailed it down the river with leftover wood onboard, and then reassembled the shed. And while the shed now embodies its original form, its scars represent the journey ... Continue Reading


The barbershops of old were places where gents could retreat from the world and enjoy a bit of friendly banter, all while tending to the practicalities of grooming. For childhood friends Luke Newman and Steve Purcell, it was this rich heritage of barbering that inspired them to take up the age-old trade at a time when barbershops were floundering. Sharing a vision to rejuvenate barbering, they opened their own barbershop almost as soon as they finished their apprenticeships, but quickly noticed a lack of quality men’s grooming products on the market. What followed was the creation of Uppercut Deluxe – a range of men’s haircare products that embraces the traditions of barbering and takes the pomp out of grooming ... Continue Reading

Photography Feature: Travelling Wares

Kara Rosenlund's Travelling Wares by Melinda Halloran, freelance writer and editor, Brisbane, Australia.

This article was published in map magazine.


With our tickets in hand, we board a night train from Bangkok to Nong Khai – the northern Thai city that is a gateway to Laos. We’re tired and ready to snuggle up on the train for a snooze, and quickly make our way to our seats opposite a group of older Lao people who are playing cards. They nod at us as we fold out our beds, and we wonder why they aren’t as eager to get to sleep. As the train lurches forward, we realise why. The old train moans as it makes its way along the tracks, letting its passengers know, through every jarring creak and rattle, just how much effort this journey is for its frail structure ... Continue Reading


While making spiced rum isn’t quite the same sneaky business as running the liquor for a clandestine speakeasy, it is certainly an impressive point of conversation when you casually mention to guests that the elixir they are sipping was spiced by yours truly ... Continue Reading


The facades of a city may change, but its inhabitants ensure that its soul remains. Having lived in East London for exactly 86 1⁄2 years, Joseph (Joe) Markovitch has left the city only once to take a trip to the seaside with his mother ... Continue Reading